5 Haunted House Decorating Tips

Halloween Night is perhaps the only festival that gives an opportunity to transform your house into a Haunted House. Most festivals involve playing with a variety of colours and creating a beautiful fairy tale kind of a look .However; Halloween Night is a unique night and calls for a very unique kind of a decoration. It is the night when the ghosts and witches roam around freely on earth. It is believed that the barriers between the real world and the spirit world are the weakest on the last night of October. People used to stay inside their homes and light lanterns to keep the spirits away. However, now-a-days it is celebrated as a joyous festival and most people love doing scary looking Halloween Decoration. It is done all in very good spirit. In fact, Halloween Night is now looked forward to very fondly. Most people love to decorate their home with scary looking witches’ wall hangings and Pumpkin Lanterns. Just like Christmas, most of the houses in U.S and U.K decorated their homes for Halloween Night.

Halloween Night calls for a very unique kind of decoration. A kind of decoration that requires you to transform your home into a scary looking corner. Creating a beautiful looking decoration is different from a Haunted House Decoration. Here are 5 Haunted House Decorating Tips:-

  • Whatever be your theme, keep the light dim. Most people end up with too many lights or totally dark corners. However, the key is to create just enough light to give a peek at a haunted house.
  • The right colour combination can create just the right effect. Like black and white or red and black. It is very important to use the right combination of colours. Most people use multi coloured decorative items which does not create a rippling effect.
  • You can use dull looking fake plants and place them in your garden. This will give a feeling that the house is old and perhaps haunted.
  • Use old cloth to create interesting scary looking curtains. You need not necessarily remove your regular curtains; you can always place the cloth over them.
  • You can also use props like hay and twigs placed all over the edges and corners of your rooftop so the house looks haunted.
  • If you have a window just below your rooftop that can be used just to create a mark or a scary looking sign. In case, you do not have a window, you can place a wall hanging and wall scene with a scary symbol.

Haunted House is not easy to create but it can be a lot of fun if you have most of the elements in place.