Around The World On Yuletide!

Christmas has become an universal festival. People all over the world have great fun in celebrating it. And it is also the favourite festival for kids. Kids Christmas Around World is a time of great fun. Kids love taking part in all the traditions. Receiving gifts, getting together, decorating the Christmas tree, are some of the things that kids love doing. But, there is also a very unique feature about Christmas that is very enjoyable.

Even if the festivals are the same, Christmas is celebrated in different ways in countries all over the world. Every country adds its own culture to the festival of Christmas. In the same way, kids also enjoy Christmas in different ways all over the world. Let us take a look at some of these unique traditions all around the world and how kids celebrate:

  • In India, kids use banana and mango trees and decorate them during Christmas.
  • In Jamaica for example, trees are white washed. Pigs are sacrificed before Christmas and the meat is shared.
  • In Norway, there is a St.Lucia Day procession held on the 13th of December. Children get their presents from Julenissen, as christmas traditions around the world for kids
  • In Brazil, Christmas is in summer. Santa is called Papa Noel. Children are made to eat dinner first so that they can go to sleep early and have Papa Noel come with presents.
  • In Australia, kids celebrate in July because that is the coldest month of the whole year.

Thus christmas around the world for kids is similar but reflect their cultural differences to a certain point. But the basic point is, everyone has loads of fun on that day. Whether it is the kids or the adults.

What do kids do on Christmas?

In Ireland, children are given Advent calendars. On each day of Christmas, they are given chocolate slots. In England too, children write a letter to Santa Claus. It contains all their wishes. After writing it they toss it into the fire so that the wishes go through the chimney. In Holland, all the kids are waiting for Sinterklaas to come by with their presents. He is pictured as a bishop.

In Spain, this is a very colourful event as all the kids go from house to house and sing carols. In return they get sweets, toys and small instruments. Fun is an important part of christmas around the world activities for kids.

As you can see, the whole idea is to have as much fun as possible. Kids always know how to have fun and Christmas is really no exception to that eternal rule. It us all about warmth and goodwill.