Butter Icing

Butter icing

Butter icing is one of the best kinds of frosting that one could learn easily and use for icing cakes and cookies. The ingredients are simple enough which makes it a popular choice. They are butter, confectionery sugar, vanilla, whole milk or cream. A small note that I collected from granny here is to partly use peanut butter…yes, it just brings in the right twist in the flavour!

There are a few things that fall in the don’t category. Not that they would spoil the whole thing but its better off without doing the following:

  • Using margarine
  • Any imitation in place of vanilla
  • Using shortening in place of butter

Apart from the above keep a check on the texture. If it becomes too thin confectioners sugar should help.

Chocolate butter icing

Butter icing in itself is so tempting that it is sure to make anyone smile while one sees or has it. Now, when it is teamed up with chocolate then it’s simply… two thumb’s up!

Imagine, a dull weekend, you are all alone, for some odd weird reason your friends are engaged and your phone is out of order. You watch the television for a while; get bored and then read a book for a little while more…sounds really boring doesn’t it?

Now this is exactly what you should be doing. Gather up all the ingredients listed above. Yes most of them are there already in the kitchen and for the others you just need to visit the grocer down the alley. O yes! Don’t forget to add chocolate syrup or cocoa powder to this list of yours.

Now put on some Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams or any other favourite of yours. Get all the ingredients and equipments in place and bake a cake for approximately four servings. And then, top this wow piece of yours with some chocolate butter icing just as we discussed above. Don’t forget to have fun doing all kinds of crazy designs on the cake!

I can see that smile in the corner already; let me know how this works!

Butter cream icing

Butter is the primary ingredient that brings in the rich texture and flavour. Adding whole milk or cream is again a compulsion to take this stance forward. Remember butter icing works like magic on any bakery item. So you can happily put on some on each of the cakes, cookies and all those nice yummy goodies!

Easy butter icing

There are a lot of books and professional courses that teach you the basics of icing and baking. Knowing the 123 would help you take the ladder higher. So it is not a bad idea to begin with. Besides, all forms of creativity have practice as a synonym at some level.

Butter frosting

The most important thing to remember while doing any kind of frosting is the fact that the baked item needs to cool down completely prior any icing work is done on it. That apart a few designs known and practiced should take you a long way.

Baking and icing are like passing the two levels of school final. Once you are through them you have umpteen options to give it the final look! Keep trying.