Cakes for the Vegans!

Vegan cakes

Family celebrations are always fun and we all do look forward to being together. Especially on occasions like birthdays, anniversary and so on when we can’t wait to have a bite of all the gastronomic delicacies…it’s just an event that we wait for all round the year.

Generally, cake as a food item is common in these kinds of gatherings. Alongside a lot of other stuff that we normally identify as snacks are made and had. Have you ever thought; how things are when it comes to a gathering that houses vegetarians? It could either be a vegetarian community or few people in the group who are vegetarian. I guess things are a little more difficult in the latter group.

Cakes are too good to be given up for the reason that vegetarian substitutes are not available. It has happened in my family and I tell you…it sad and difficult together!

Worried? Well there is a respite and good news. For making a cake one could find a vegetarian ingredient substituting in every step of baking. Thanks to the bakers!

Vegan bundt cakes

You have to do a little bit of research to know what flavours work for vegan cakes. The normal chocolate-vanilla types would always be there. But then again there are certain varieties that work exceptionally well with the vegan substitutes. So make sure you give it a try!

Vegan chocolate

Chocolate in any form is always appreciated and is popular among all age groups and across all communities. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday chocolate is chosen as the mascot or international emblem of peace and friendship! Anyway, for vegan cakes when it comes to chocolate, it just seems to serve both sides of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian tables equally. Now that’s truly international; isn’t it?

Vegan mango cheesecake

This is perhaps the dainty damsel in the whole borough of vegan cakes. The look is so stupefying and irresistible that if the non-vegetarians have a separate counter and have to choose between mango cheesecake and some other variety…it almost seems like time for the next big cold war!

Vegan angel food cake recipe

Vegan food has its own set of portrait and landscape frames. They are no less in taste, number, variety or appeal. Yes the general knowledge that most of us have about this segment is a little low but I can guarantee that you would go crazy if I simply start telling you about the varieties available in the cereal counter alone!

I was invited to the annual fair of the ‘Sangh Parivaar’ by this friend of mine who belongs to the ‘Jain’ community. Once I reached the venue I realized that this is their common social club and everybody there belonged to the same community. That in turn meant that their food habits are similar, that is they were all vegetarians. Just to remind you, the Jain’s are no-onion-no-garlic vegans. So you can imagine how strict their eating habits are.

Everything apart if I have to talk about the cake counter only…well there were fourteen varieties! Surprised? Well, you ought to be!

The vegan food lovers have a grade and level of their own; and it’s a different roller coaster ride altogether!