Caring Christmas cactus, Warning, Christmas Cactus

Holiday cactus also known as Christmas cactus or Thanksgiving cactus are given as gifts to near and dear ones on special occasions. Nearly 200 hybrids are available today. These are originally from mountainous region in Brazil. The plant has flat stems. These are shade loving plants. These plants start flowering for about 4 -6 weeks around mid November.

How to Care for a Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is a beautiful holiday plant and blooms at the Christmas time if looked after properly. These plants are on sale by the end of October through December. You would find the plants in various sizes. Some might have buds and others might not have the same. You would be able to see the tips of the leaves growing, a month prior to Christmas. These keep on growing darker as day passes by. And then the buds are formed. The buds open at the Christmas time into beautiful flower. In order to take care of these you should follow certain rules.

  • Buy these in early October. At this time you would find these without flower buds. It is always better to buy the ones that are not fully budded. This would enable them to open at the holiday time or Christmas time.
  • Christmas Cactus are best grown in pots than the plain earth. These not more than 8 inches in diameter.
  • The plant should be kept in the appropriate condition. It appreciates bright but indirect light. You can keep it near a window but away from direct sunlight. In summers you should place these in shady spots on the patio.
  • The Christmas cactus needs a source of humidity in case you are living in dry environment. These are not like other cactus that does not require watering often. These are just like other houseplants and should be watered if the soil is dry. But take care that it should not be overwatered or even under watered. Overwatering may develop fungus on leaves and in the soil. You can add drops of Schultz plant food while watering them.
  • You should always prune the cactus plant once it has completely stopped flowering. This would result in having more leaves in the following bud season and thus enables the plant to grow much better.


  • White curd could appear on the plant and soil due to overwatering.
  • Spray the leaves once a week or you can even wipe the leaves with damp sponge.

Christmas Cactus is a very gorgeous plant and this can bloom year after year. You will want to keep this plant even after the holidays. You can replant the Christmas cactus by taking out the same from the pot. Remove the wet and white curd if any. Try to add new fresh soil and repot the same. Just ensure that these are kept away from the heat.