Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands – Travel Guide

Christmas Island is a part of Australia lying in the Indian Ocean. It is 2,600 Km (1,600mi) away from the continent and very much close to Jakarta. Similarly, Cocos (Keeling) islands too are a part of Australia and are 975 Km (606 mi) away from Christmas Island. The islands have wonderful beaches and sunny weather. Plan and travel to the Christmas Islands for a nice family vacation.


Christmas Island has a wonderful sea life around it and has a number of endemic species in its waters. If you love the ocean and want to enjoy some real fun, try the following when you are at the islands:

  • Scuba diving: Best time November to April.
  • Red crab migration: It is called “One of the wonders of the natural world” by ecologist. A must see phenomenon.
  • Nature walking: 63% of the island is a national park. Gives first-hand knowledge of the endemic flora and fauna.
  • Bird watching: More than 80,000 sea birds nest here.

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are divided as northern and southern islands. This place is heaven for nature lovers. Activities you could indulge yourself in:

  • CI walking tours: Alternate routes for moderate walkers and challenge seeking walkers.
  • Scuba diving: View over 500 species of fishes, intact coral ecosystem.
  • Bird watching: More than 60 species of birds flock here annually.
  • Visiting the Pulu Keeling national park

Planning a Holiday

To travel to Christmas Islands or Cocos islands, you will have to fly up to Perth, Australia. From Perth there are twice weekly flights. There are flights between the two islands too. Island explorer holidays offer ‘Double Island Combination’ packages from Perth starting at A$ 2000/person inclusive of taxes. Feature of the package are:

  • Return flights from Perth to Cocos Islands and to Christmas Island with Virgin Blue
  • 7 nights of accommodation in each island.
  • Orientation tour for both the islands during the respective island’s trip.
  • A copy of ‘Reflections of Cocos Island Photography’ Book

The good part of this package is that you can customize it according to your needs.

Tips for Travelers

While travelling to Christmas Islands, you need to do the following well ahead of time. The islands are small places and the number of tourists flocking, are great in number. So avoid disappointment and plan ahead.

  • Local transport: You will need a vehicle to go around and for sight-seeing. So book in advance.
  • Food: Coco islands do not have many dining options. So it’ll be best if you can get your own cheese, meat and stuffs to last for few days.
  • Shopping: Apart from few souvenir shops, there isn’t much for shopping.

The islands give you the best of nature’s creations. Wide beaches and coral studded atolls. Mild sun and great waters. Don’t forget you underwater cameras! Travel to the lovely Christmas islands and Cocos Islands and become one with nature.