Christmas at Hever Castle

Hever Castle is located about 30 miles from central London. Its history dates back to the 13th century. It was once home to two of the wives of Henry VIII – Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves. Every year during Christmas time, the Castle is transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland.

The festivities during the Hever Castle Christmas include Father Christmas or Santa in his grotto, Christmas carols, storytelling and more, thereby making it the perfect way to have a family celebration.

Hever Castle Christmas celebrations are the best occasion to visit this absolutely romantic 13th century English castle. The Castle has magnificent gardens in its grounds ranging from the Italian gardens and topiary with its formal air to the rather informal ones along the lakeside. There is the mysterious and challenging Yew Maze, and the Water Maze situated on a 16-acre island.

Every day between December 4th and 21st, the Hever Castle welcomes visitors with its traditional food and Christmas decorations. In the Moat Restaurant, the guests can enjoy a wide variety of tasty traditional Christmas delicacies during the time of Hever Castle Christmas. As dusk falls, the entire gardens in the Castle will turn into a winter wonderland with its illumination and all around the Castle, log fires will be lit, making it a cozy scene.

Not only during the Hever Castle Christmas season, but, during any time of the year, the Castle is worth a visit. Some of the attractions of the Castle are the books inscribed by Anne Boleyn and the portraits dating back to the 16th century. The rose gardens and the azaleas and the rhododendron walk are some of the outdoor attractions of the Castle. While taking in the magically air surrounding the entire Castle during Christmas, you can also enjoy the uniqueness of the other attractions of Hever Castle with its double moats, historical significance, the water maze spread over a 16-acre island and the 2000-year-old statuary inside its Italian gardens.

Legend has it that Anne Boleyn’s ghost returns to her childhood home at the Castle during Christmas Eve. She has been seen walking over the bridge across the river Eden inside the Castle grounds on this day. During the Christmas time, her ghost has been seen also near the great oak under which Henry VIII had courted her.

During the Hever Castle Christmas celebrations, visitors can book in advance to attend any of the special events arranged during the time, including visiting Father Christmas inside his magnificently decorated winter wonderland grotto and dog sleigh rides drawn by huskies.

Hever Castle Christmas is scheduled to be celebrated during December 2 – 19, this year. The main attractions include Narnia coming to the Castle while the entire grounds will be transformed into the usual winter wonderland theme. The colorful decorations, the trees festooned with twinkling fairy lights, the superbly illuminated gardens, the air filled with music and Christmas carols, the cheerily lit log fires, all will turn the place magical.

Everyone can have utmost fun by visiting Father Christmas in his grotto, taking part in storytelling sessions and taking donkey rides in the orchard. You can challenge yourself by navigating the Ice Maze by following the clues left around, in order to find the surprise hidden at the centre of the Maze. If the fancy strikes you, go ahead and buy wonderful Christmas gifts from the shop situated inside the Castle grounds and also partake of all the seasonal favorites served at the Castle restaurants.

On December 9, 10, 16 & 17, there will be Christmas Late Night Specials, when the Castle and its gardens will be festooned with colorful lights sparkling against the night sky and brass bands and carols will rent the air with music.