Christmas Cactus Lifespan- Adequate Care and Attention gives Strength to Cactus Growth

Christmas cactus is a precious plant that smiles into colorful blossoms during the festive month. But the thorny, yet delicate plant is susceptible to adverse weather conditions. This might shrink the Christmas cactus lifespan which can be extended with careful attention.

Speculating reasons why Christmas cactus dying?

The Christmas cactus is actually an old-fashioned thorny plant, yet it looks absolutely gorgeous with enigmatic beauty to exude the appeal. The Christmas cactus blooms at Christmas times and so it demands the caring at its best. Irrespective of the effort you put in, the cactus turns purplish or reddish and the leaves flatten indicating its shrinking stage. To recuperate the lost bloom, you have to envisage the negative reasons working against the plant’s life.

The below points suggest a few things that can be done to help the cactus grow beautifully.

  • A well-lit ambience is important, though direct sunlight should be avoided
  • Water supply should be tolerant for the plant
  • Maintain temperature at 50 degree Fahrenheit between September and October
  • Rich and well-drained soil is important
  • Feed the plant with fertilizer to enable fast growth
  • Check the soil from time to time
  • During dry season, water the cactus every two or three days
  • In cooler seasons water the cactus once in a week
  • Keep the plant in dark place during nights absolutely away from any kinds of lights
  • Pruning is important to assist further growth

Considering the lifespan of a cactus that can live for hundreds of years or wither away in a few two to three years; the Biology definition of lifespan of a living object may not always be proportional to the size.

Invariant Ratio of Lifespan in the plant kingdom

In-depth researches have found that there is invariance in the ratio of lifespan of plants versus the calculated mass in plants. But this is not applicable for plants, since a medium sized cactus can live for hundreds of years defying the growth strength.

Hence, extend the Christmas cactus lifespan with the attention and care that it needs.