Christmas Carols and Bells

The Christmas carol bells remind me of the best Christmas times that I’ve spent in my childhood in my school chapel. We would begin the preparations a month before our school would close for the festive season. Ribbons, bells, streamers, gifts, puddings, cakes, chocolates and Christmas carols…somehow these things would instill such energy in us that we would be right up and go all out to arrange for the finest ever Christmas party every year and would try to do our best in the year ahead.

The school choir group would be taken to the music hall for rehearsals and certain carols made us happy to infinity and for no such particular reason. It was simply the tune that took so appreciably on us that we couldn’t wait to voice them! I know you too are remembering your choir days in school!

Carol of the Bells; one of the classic Christmas numbers is originally said to be a Ukrainian folk song. It has been adapted from ‘Shchedryk’ by Mykola Dymtrovich Leontovych. Later on Peter Wilhousky is credited to frame the words and song. With time the song has been modified, lyrics added and hence popular by the name ‘carol of the bells’.  The song has many versions and with each artist performing in his or her own style; it’s only become popular for more people to know and merrily sing during the festive season.

According to a certain school of thought it is believed that when Jesus was born bells on earth were clanging on their own harmony. Till then nothing so majestic had happened on earth and such a joyous melodious accord was never ever heard before. This was something very auspicious and
Carol of the bells has lyrics about bells jingling together on the birth of Jesus.

That’s perhaps why the song whenever sung begins on a lower note and beat and gradually grows louder. In other words, the song begins on a quite or gentle pace and similar to the sound of bells it gradually becomes louder to finally fade and cease.

The carol of the bells lyrics; on a personal note happens to be a super favourite. I remember the two lines of the song that we would sing all day in school:
‘Christmas is here, bringing good cheer
To young and old, meek and the bold’.

The history of the Christmas carol silver bells has a funny incident. It is initially said to be titled as ‘tinkle bells’. But then apparently tinkle has other meanings and language usage and so was not suitable to be used in a carol. That’s eventually how ‘silver bells’ was composed and titled.

This song was written by Raymond Bernard Evans and composed by Jay Livingstone. It was picturised in the movie ‘Lemon Drop Kid’ starring Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell.

Since its composition these carols have added a different dimension to happiness altogether. It simply doesn’t need any reason or time to hum them, smile and feel happy! That’s possibly the power of abstract beauty … agree/disagree?