Christmas Carols

The Account of Christmas Carols

During the month of December the air is laden with festive spirit and preparations for the Christmas celebrations is in full swing. While taking a stroll in the evening, walking back from home, while shopping, etc your ears can catch a strained voice of Christmas Carols being rehearsed in a nearby Church or Chapel. On the radio, on television, in shops, you can catch carols and hymns sung a joyful tune.
Christmas carols and hymns are songs based on the Christmas theme, to go along with the winter season and festive spirits in the month of December. These songs are sung as a part of Christmas celebrations to celebrate and welcome the birth of Lord Jesus. However, carols are not exactly Christmas songs. There is a difference between carols and Christmas songs.
Christmas carols are generally based on the medieval Chord pattern. This medieval chord pattern is to be credited for giving these carols the unique and distinguished musical sound and character. These carols can be tracked directly to the medieval ages when the Lord was born. Two most famous and highly preferred carols belonging to the medieval ages are: Personent Hodie and Angels from the Realms of Glory. Whereas, Christmas songs lack this history and also the unique characteristics and musical sound of carols.

History of Christmas Carols:

Not many of us know how these carols came into existence and how did they became an integral part of Christmas celebrations. To know the history of carols read on.
In thirteenth century, there was a tradition of singing communal songs, now known as carols, during the harvest time and around Christmas. These songs were mere communal songs, however, later due to their popularity they were sung in churches, especially during the Christmas celebrations. Thus, these carols got their important association with Christmas and that is how they became an integral part of Christmas celebrations.
However, when the Protestants gain power these carols lost their popularity. But in 19th century they again gained popularity through the works of William B. Sandys , especially due to his ‘Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern’ written in 1833 and also due to the compositions of Arthur Sullivan.

Most Popular Christmas Carols:

We all must remember singing ‘Silent Night Holy Night’ or ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ in our school days, in Chapel and in choir practices, at some point of our life, even if you were not much of a singer. Many of us might be teaching these popular carols to our children on Christmas.
Some of the most popular carols, still sung today with same spirit, are:
Silent Night
We Wish You a merry Christmas
Angels from Realms of Glory
O Holy Night
Glory to God
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Christmas is Coming, and many more.
Carols makes Christmas more special and infuse everyone with the excitement and joy associated with Christmas celebrations. Let us keep the festive spirits high and the tradition alive by singing lots of carols this Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!