Christmas Cheek Art- Best Christmas Gifts for Your Children

Just like the Halloween season Christmas is also immensely popular with face painting. From designing simple designs of Christmas trees to the most elaborate designs covering your face, arms and legs they are totally unique. Since Christmas is just a few months away you need to start thinking of ways to make this season truly special and memorable for your little ones. And if you are thinking of Christmas cheek art for your children you are assured full satisfaction.

Christmas cheek art is a fun and an interesting project that anyone who has the slightest artistic side can master. But unfortunately not everyone is aware of the fact that it can be done by anyone and does not need the services of professional face painters. You need not be an artist to do cheek art painting. Until you have mastered this art you can use various kinds of stencil that are available in your art supply stores. As Christmas is approaching in no time many people may already have started practicing design patterns. Firstly you need to gather various cheek art designs that will help you in painting your family and friends. The most commonly used cheek art patterns are angel, Santa, Christmas tree, candy, holly, reindeer and lot of other design patterns.

If you are a first time face painter you can get several printable cheek art designs in the internet. Print it out and make stencils out of it that will help you in painting the faces. The internet has various websites where you can get a lot of design patterns of faces. Downloading is free too. But since you are starting for the first time go for simple things like flowers, holly, leaves and colorful looking berries. Since the occasion is Christmas use the colors of red, green, white, gold or silver.

But you do not need to buy all the colors in the market. Just buy some basic primary colors like blue, red, green, white and black. From these colors you can mix several colors to create a new shade of color. If you want to paint whiskers in your children’s face use a small pointed brush and apply strokes outwards across their cheeks. You need to use liquid paints in these types of painting projects. If you want to create a fur look then buy a medium sized brush and work your hand strokes from the center outwards. Try to practice this several times on to a paper to get a good grip over your brush strokes. After you have mastered this art you can go for Christmas penguin cheek art designs.

However you need to keep in mind that the paints, glitters and jewels you are using in creating cheek arts should be safe for children. They should be easy on their sensitive skins. And never buy aluminum glitters for face instead you can but polyester one’s. And keep on practicing your skills on your family and be assured that by Christmas you will be able to paint a full face.

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