Christmas Clipart – Send out Handmade Greetings this Christmas

Not all of us can draw and paint and have artistic talent. But many of us have always wanted to send out handmade greeting cards to friends and family on special occasions. This Christmas, try the Christmas Clipart to make handmade cards for your loved ones. Here’s how:

Download Free Christmas Christian Clipart – Search for royalty free images on the web to download for your greeting card. Royalty free images are images with no copyright on them and are available for free. Downloaded Christmas Clipart can be used in two ways –

  • Cut and Paste – If you have a good color printer at home or one that is available at a cyber shop nearby, download Free Christmas Christian Clipart from the web and take out color printouts of the images. Next, buy a stack of blank cards from the neighborhood stationary store, or cut out white or colored chart paper in traditional square and rectangular shapes. Fold the papers equally to resemble cards. Cut the cliparts into shape and stick them on the cards.

Use your creativity to draw bright borders and stick ribbon bows to make your card look attractive. Write out a Christmas message and your card should be ready. This is probably the easiest way you can make a Christmas card without much hassle.

  • Use Softwares to Create Electronic Cards – Use the PageMaker, InDesign, CorelDraw or the Photoshop to create electronic cards. Download images or animated cliparts from the web and create your own e-cards to send out via emails to everyone.

With e-cards, you do not need to spend a cent on printing images or buying blank cards or chart paper, or other stationary required for making handmade cards. E-cards work great for people on a shoestring budget for Christmas.

You can also use Photoshop to arrange images and write messages using stylish fonts. These can then be color printed and cut out to stick on a blank card to send out as greetings.

Make your own Clipart – You can make your own Christmas Clipart in two ways:

  • Draw – Draw simple images like Christmas trees, bells, snowflakes, candy canes and angels. Color them and cut them out into shapes. Arrange and stick them on the blank cards. For the message, cut out letters from the newspaper and arrange them as you like (bold, italics, capital fonts, normal fonts and colored or black letters alternating each other) to read a message.
  • Use Raw Materials for Your Christmas Clipart – Use a stick of cinnamon for the Christmas tree trunk, a coniferous leaf for the Christmas tree, kitchen foil (which is silver in color) to cut into shapes of stars, balls and bells, cigarette packet foil (usually gold in color) for stars and bells as well, a piece of red cloth for Santa, cotton for snow, Santa’s beard, hat and the boots and the snowman, match sticks for the house, etc.

Use of raw materials gives your card a unique look. Besides, they do not require any extra shopping since most of these are common household and kitchen items.