Christmas Events in Nevada – Great Time to Enjoy

Christmas is the time of the year when the whole city shines with lights and id decorated with garlands. People want to make merry and enjoy this beautiful festival by having lots of fun with their family and friends. You can hear the sound of carols in almost every nook and corner of the city by small girls as well as old ladies. Christmas events in Nevada are really a special part of the year and this is one of the major reasons why people prefer to spend their vacations here. They have lots of fun with all their near and dear ones.

There are a lot of shows which happen during the festival time. Among them the most popular ones are the light shows. The major area where this happens is the drive through part where it is lit with so many lights. This part of the city is majorly open from November 1 to December 31. This is near the expressway line at the Shepherd Hills. Most of the lights every year are new and there are over a million lights which are decorated in that area. You can imagine how beautiful that part of the city would be looking with so many beautiful and amazing lights. This is one of the most wonderful ways to celebrate this beautiful festival. There are other parts too in the city where there are such light shows going on. One of them is the Army Crops of Engineers which too has over 50,000 lights and this part too looks fantabulous with the beauty of lights and festivity. This area is open from November 10 to December 31. And the best part about is that you do not have to pay in order to see such beautiful display of lights. It is all free of cost so that everyone can have a look at how beautiful the city looks during the festival time.

But it is not just the celebrations but the delicious food too which is made during the Christmas season without which every festivity is incomplete. Everywhere there is available so delicious food which can satisfy almost anyone. It is the food, the chocolates and the cakes which are available in so much variety which makes this festival so special.
There are a lot of theatre shows too which are going on during this time. You can have a look at these and enjoy yourself.