Christmas Free Funny Poems: A look at some Christmas Free Funny Poems

Poems are a special way to say that you care. These are little attempts to show your affection for your beloved. So why not write some funny poems and bring a smile on your loved ones faces this Christmas.

There are a lot of Christmas free funny poems available these days. There are thousands of poems which can be accessed by anyone around the globe.

There are some Christmas Free Funny Poems like:

A Christmas Tale: This poem talks about the men and women controversy. Men think that they are the leaders but sometimes they get on the nerves. Many a times it is fine but many a times it is risky to leave the entire plans on them. They think that Christmas is a festival when they can drink and make merry. When the women carry the burden of the work alone they are lost in drinking.

At Christmas Time: In this poem, the poet talks of the days when he was poor but Santa came to give him gifts. But he tried to save each and every penny and decorated his Christmas tree with pride. When he got drinks, everyone would drink it and he would keep a six pack for Santa. Santa would drink whole of that and his father would also drink. But he did not get any. So now he waits for the time when he will become an adult and get a carton of beer for himself.

Dear Santa: In this poem the poet writes a letter to the Santa asking for the things he wants to get on Christmas. He says that he wants a football team, a league and a determined man with broad shoulders and a hairy chest. He promises Santa that he won’t hurt them but will just play a few games with them which he likes. He also says that he will return them to him on the New Year’s Day. And if he cannot provide him with these things then just come at his doorstep as he will be waiting.

A Letter to Rudolph: In this poem the poet talks about her husband whom she thinks is useless and does not do any work. She says hat she has kept the home peaceful each and every day and listened to him no matter what he said. But now there will be some changes. Day and night he drinks and says that it maintains the shine on his face. But Santa is watching him. One Christmas song has made her husband think that he can do no wrong. But this year when he will be out with Santa’s sled she will elope with his friend, Mr. Ed.

These were some of the funny poems. There are a lot of Christmas Free Funny Poems which you can read and enjoy this Christmas season.