Christmas Significance

The Spiritual Significance of the Festival of Christmas

Christmas may celebrated as a major festival, a festival of lights, giving, receiving, love and togetherness but the day holds a lot more significance. It isn’t just another holiday and holds a very significant underlying meaning.

Christmas Significance – The Importance of the Day

Celebrated as the day Jesus Christ was born, the day of Christmas is the day of the “divine”, a day when the holy messenger of god came down to earth to spread the message of love and purity.

Jesus and his times were the days of hypocrisy, hatred, greed, superstition and ignorance. These were the days when religious institutions use to exploit the poor. Man was reduced to the status of an animal and was slaughtered at will. The law and order was for the poor, not for the rich landowners and the Clergy’s.

Christmas significance – Dawn of a New Era

A new era dawned on the planet with the arrival of Jesus. Jesus was the true incarnation of god and tried his best to turn the common man to the ways of spirituality.

Christmas signifies the fact that before material wealth, status and comfort, comes purity and holiness. This is proven well by the fact that Jesus wasn’t born in a wealthy family or to highly educated parents. He was born in a stable to two holy people who had nothing to offer except love and service.

Christmas Significance – The Story of Nicodemus

During the time of Jesus, there was a wealthy merchant called Nicodemus. Nicodemus had everything but happiness. He came to Jesus to know the secret behind it, to which Jesus said, “Give away all your wealth to the poor or needy and come follow me into the Kingdom of God”. Nicodemus refused the proposal and left. Everyone knows the famous lines that followed after this incident: “A camel can pass through the eye of the needle but a rich man cannot enter the Kingdom of God”.

Christmas teaches us about detachment from worldly things, things you neither need to leave nor need to be overly dependent on.

Love and Humility

The Christmas is a festival of love and giving. Giving to the best of our ability is important. The festival signifies that the true meaning of life reveals itself to those who are calm, humble and detached.

Simplicity and holiness can be found in people who have stopped running from the truth, running away from themselves.

Waking Up from Sleep

Christ helped people wake up from sleep, the sleep of greed and malice. Christmas is a day exclusive to the celebration of the life of a great man who was crucified by the very people he sought out to free from the evils of the world, people who didn’t want to be woken up.

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