Christmas songs: constant tenants of our memories!

There are countless factors that suggest the commencement of the festive season, mainly Christmas. Mostly it’s a miscellany of factors. For some of us, it’s the more definite factors like the noticeable change in season or the embellishments inside any public establishments like shopping malls and other edifices, e.g. Christmas candy canes, lights and wreaths. Apart from these visual signs the most common ones are the audible songs and carols being sung by church choirs, pop singers announce their exclusive Christmas albums, and of course, classic Christmas songs being played on the air and on the TV.

It is difficult to miss the classics as they catch up the pace as soon as Christmas is around the corner. Who hasn’t sung carols like Silent Night, Away in the manger? When one speaks of “Jingle Bells” there is hardly anyone around who is unable to recognize this Christmas song or associate himself with it. Other classics include Joy to the World and The Christmas Song which are hugely popular with the children. These songs strike a chord not only with the children but also remind all the grown ups about their childhood. You just can’t ignore the fuzzy feeling you get when you hear these Christmas songs. Even though you are older now, you just don’t seem to get over these classics.

Christmas songs are so varied and diverse. Over the years, such a variety of these songs have been produced. One of the most popular songs during the Vietnam War ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ had a special persona to it at that time. The collection of Perry Como and Bing Crosby Christmas songs is also very beautiful. But Christmas songs like the rest of us continue to evolve. From the melodious and stirring classics like ‘Little Drummer Boy’ which is sung mostly by adorable little kids in Christmas displays or choirs every year to John Lennon’s ‘And so this is Christmas, and what have you done’ Christmas songs have reached challenging, spiritually elevating heights. Just hearing these tracks can bring back memories from the yesteryears.

These songs are an epitome of peace. They commune everyone’s desire for joy and love which bring affection to everyone’s minds and souls during the nippy winter period. They help in binding kith and kin during moments of singing help to recollect the long gone and recent reminiscences. And most importantly, they prompt everybody of the basis for the celebration of the festival, the gift-giving, and the gathering: spreading the message of benevolence and caring for the whole of humanity.