Christmas Star- a sacred symbol

The sparkling Christmas star is one of the obvious components of Christmas celebrations. You can find it every where during the Christmas celebration. It is generally used for decorative purpose but this not without a reason. The Christmas star is symbolic and has an age old association with Christmas. Rather it can be said that Christmas celebration is incomplete without the use of the Christmas star. Let us probe deep and find out what does this star stand for?

The story of Christmas star…

The Gospel of Matthew in the Bible is the source of information about the Christmas star along with the story of the birth of Jesus.
We have all heard of the Three wise men who is also called Magi The story of star is associated with these three wise men who were named to be Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. It is said that a white and extremely bright star guided these three men to the place where Jesus was born. They set out to worship the little child whom the believed to be the king of the Jews. It was this white bright star that guided the three men who belonged to the eastern region to Jerusalem where Jesus was born. Magi found that the star that was guiding them stopped in front of stable and to his utter surprise he found that it was here in the stable that Jesus was born to his parents Mary and Joseph. They knew that they have reached their destination and were elated at the sight of the newly born baby. But the story does not end here and what followed next was a bloody massacre in which emperor Harold ordered slaying of all babies below the age of two for he knew came to know that the newly born baby was no ordinary one but was Jesus.

The mystery of the star…

  • It is amazing to know that the star continued to baffle people for many centuries and till date it remains a mystery. There are many speculations that were done for that particular star but nothing could give an exact account of the star. Let us look at some of the speculations….
  • Super nova– Considering the extra ordinary brilliance of the star many people believed it to be a super nova but no substantial argument could be found that would establish the theory.
  • Comet– Some people thought it to be a comet. But then there are strong arguments against considering it to be a comet.  In those days people considered comet to be inauspicious. So, the star that signaled a new beginning could have been a comet.
  • Rare Configuration of planets- It is known that during 3 B.C and 2 B.C some rare planetary movements took place and the star could be a result of one such planetary movement.

The Christmas star is beyond any argument. It is the messenger of good news for mankind and thus till date it is one of the most important symbol of Christmas symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.