Christmas Time is Activity Time

Christmas is a fun packed festival with lots of activities to do and enjoy. It is that time of the year that everyone looks forward to and plan each day of their holiday with care. Go out and take part in various activities and boost your morale and confidence as you learn something new each year.

Christmas over the years has had a strong association with animals. Christ was born in a stable which was surrounded by animals and was placed in a manger after birth which is actually meant to feed animals. Pregnant Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem and also carried Jesus to Jerusalem. There are different views on how the hide of the donkey received its dark, cross-shaped stripes.  Animals are everywhere. There are stories and classic legends on animals. In fact it was believed that animals could speak on the eve of Christmas. It is also believed that bees gather on Christmas Eve to sing hymns. Legend also goes that robins acquired their coloring when one punctured its breast trying to pluck thorns from Christ’s head at the crucifixion. We cannot of course forget the reindeers on which Santa Clause rides to come and deliver the presents to everyone.

Association of Christmas animals cannot be therefore denied. Songs and lore with animals in them have been composed for Christmas. Cards with animals on them are available in gift stores. You will find very innovative ones and children especially like to pick on them.

This season is also the time for Christmas reunion. Many families get together on this special day to enjoy and eat together. Often friends who have not met for a very long time also plan reunions. If you have had something in your mind on these lines, then this is the time to take the initiative and plan a Christmas reunion. Be assured that it will be remembered by everyone who attends it for a long time.

A Christmas pageant script is another good idea. If you are not taking part in the pageant, then you can host it. Get the script for a short play and direct it with children and present it. You will enjoy putting forward this performance. It is fun to work with little kids.

Apart from this you can plan family holidays or a holiday with friends. An adventure is also a good idea. Do something daring. You can also plan to do something you have been thinking for a very long time but have not taken the initiative to do it. Try and also do something for the needy this Christmas. If you can go with your children to an old age home and spend some time with the elderly. You will give them a lot of happiness.

There is no end to the activities that one can do during Christmas. Plan, enjoy and carry the memories to last you a long time.

Christmas party