Christmas Wishes – For a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is incomplete if you cannot send Christmas Wishes to your loved ones. Christmas Wishes not only convey the spirit of Christmas but they also convey your feelings for your family and friends.

Christmas is one time of the year that your spouse or children will bring out their wish lists and you do not mind spending just a bit outside your budget. The month of December begins with uncontrolled excitement. People go about shopping streets in frenzy, buying gifts and collectibles for their near and dear ones.

But choosing that ‘perfect’ gift to accompany your Christmas Wishes is often difficult. In addition, there is the question of budget. Let’s face it – even though we don’t mind spending a bit more for our families, expenses can kill when you have many friends, relatives and colleagues waiting to be wished. Here are few ideas to get you started on your way to wishing everyone a ‘cheap’ Merry Christmas!

  • Flowers – Flowers really say it all! You can gift a large bouquet of flowers or a single stem, and still have your feelings conveyed. Prince or pauper…buy what you can afford. But flowers will never fail to gladden the hearts of those who receive it. Bright scented flowers are a great way to send your Christmas Wishes. Invest in real flowers to convey your Christmas and New Year Wishes to your family and close friends.
  • Chocolates and Confectionaries – Christmas fills most of us with images of fresh baked cakes. The rich aroma of fruit cakes and chocolates is temptation few can resist. Christmas Wishes that accompany a box of chocolates or assortment of pastries or a nice, fat fruit cake, are just that much sweeter. Besides with children in the family, chocolates and confectionaries are more than welcome.
  • Music or Film CDs/DVDs – Depending on their preferences, you can pick up a music or film CD or DVD to accompany your Christmas Wishes to friends and colleagues. Besides, these are presumable the cheapest and nicest gifts for people you simply must wish on Christmas Day but do not want to spend too much behind buying a gift.
  • Books – Books are for lifetime. If you have members of your family, friends, or colleagues who you know will appreciate books, it can really be a great way to send across your Christmas and New Year Wishes.
  • Cosmetics and Accessories – They need not be branded or expensive but just items that are for everyday use and needed – a scarf, a warm shawl, set of handkerchiefs,  a brooch, a pair of earrings, a new wallet, a new chain for the pocket watch, etc.

Besides these, a nice picture frame for the desk, a pen and writing pad, a decorative pen holder, paper weight, a centerpiece for the table, flower vase, etc may be just the right gift items to convey your Christmas Wishes to your friends and colleagues, and even members of the family.