Christmas Wreath- A symbol of love

Lighting of candles has their own importance during the celebration of Christmas and so has the wreath. Well, many of us are well versed with the use of wreath but it will not be an offence if a primary definition of wreath is attached with this article.

What is a wreath?

The wreath is a ring made up of wood from an evergreen tree and the primary use of wreath is to hold the four candles which in turn have special importance during the Christmas celebrations.

The importance of the candles…

Generally the number of candles placed upon the wreath is four and each candle has its own importance. But some times an extra candle is placed by the priest. Violet is the color for three candles and the forth one is in the color of rose.

The candles of violet color…..

The violet color of the candles is the symbol of faith. Faith upon the judgment of God is one of the major elements of Christianity and thus it is customary to have candles of violet color.

The candle of rose color…

One of the candles is of red color and it signifies joy. It marks the whole hearted acceptance of the new season and new life.

Difference in color scheme…

Some of the churches differ in color scheme and in place of violet and rose candles white and blue candles are used.

The naming scheme of the candles….

  • First candle…
    The first candle is termed as Prophet Candle. It signifies immense hope associated with the arrival of Jesus on this earth.
  • Second candle
    The second candle is known as the Bethlehem Candle. It stands for the virtue of humble manners and reminds that Jesus was born in a humble fashion.
  • Third Candle
    The third candle is termed as Shepherds Candle. It stands for peace and peace is central to the doctrine of Christianity.
  • Fourth Candle
    The fourth candle stands for joy for the new season.

Many people use wreath to decorate their home during the Christmas celebration and one can use wreath of different fashion. One can also use decorative items in order to decorate the wreaths and this makes them even more beautiful.

Symbolism of wreath
The full circle of wreath is symbolic of immortality of faith and tradition. Wreath is also symbolic of hope and the advent of spring after the long spell of cold winter. It is also sometimes said that the wreath is the symbol of life and thus signifies the full circle of life from birth to death.
Thus the wreath is a very important component of Christmas celebration and thus plays an important part in the process of celebration process.