Cost Effective Presents for Your Employees and Co-workers

Talking about presents, you cannot possibly leave out your employees and co-workers. They form an integral part of your day today life. But you have trivial impediments on the way, like cost. You also can’t try to personalize each and every gift you give. So to make matters simple, here is a list of possible options for Christmas present for your employees.

  • Gift basket with chocolates, wine and gourmet food items. These generally tend to go well with both the genders.
  • Office desk items. Desk clocks, embossed pens, mini desk vacuum cleaner, decision maker, paper weight, levitating globes etc.
  • Gift certificates. Your employees will thank you for this thoughtful gift which will come handy sometime later if not during Christmas.
  • AAA Premium road kit: This handy tool and guide can a life saver for your employees. And it comes under $20! Comes with emergency car repair tool and car repair guide for common problems.
  • Grandiose Christmas Party: Can raise your budget a bit? Then you might just be able to throw an unforgettable office Christmas party. A perfect Christmas present for employees.
  • Coffee mugs with company logo: Gift an entire set of coffee mugs so that your employee and his/her family will be benefitted by this sensible yet useful Christmas present.
  • Extended paid vacation. Do this only if it suits your pocket.
  • Scented candles for women. They are hit with any woman. You get to choose from a wide range of candles here.
  • Personalized Business card holders. This is a relatively less expensive Christmas present for your employees. But personalizing it or not depends on how long you know your employees and if this doesn’t bite your pocket.
  • An interesting book. A book on how to handle stress, toxic co-workers or funny office one liners could be a change in the usual ‘monotonous’ gifts your employees receive each year.
  • Office supplies. You know what a pain in the neck it can be when you run out of paper, pencil, pen, paper clips! Why not empathize with your employees this year and get them a gift basket of office supplies with a holiday card and a gift certificate? It would go a long way.

Buying unisex Christmas presents for your employees will save a lot of time. Doing a bit of research on what your employees need, will be a good way to avoid repetition of gifts. Also, giving money isn’t a good idea, but giving that in form of a holiday bonus will be highly appreciated. If you still want to go in for gender based gifts, then try to buy both kind of gifts within the same price range. This way, your employees wouldn’t feel biased.

This is one time you get to thank them for working their head off all year for you. Make that ‘thank you’ a special moment for them. Merry Christmas!