Crack Them up with Truly Funny Christmas Presents

For those a bit on the whacky side of life, here’s a list of funny Christmas presents you could give to your friends and family.

  • Disappearing Dinosaur Mug: This coffee mug is definitely going to be a hit with your friends. Pour hot coffee and the living dinosaur turn into mere skeletons! Jurassic Park anybody?!
  • Hopside down: This is a uniquely designed beer mug, sorry, bottle. No, mug… Oh my God! This mug looks like an upside bottle!
  • Backwards clock: Ever late friend? Gift them this funny clock and let them keep guessing.
  • Running nose shower gel dispenser: This could be a real funny Christmas present for someone who loves being part of a joke. The dispenser, shaped like a huge nose gives a not so similar appearance while it is dispensing the shower gel!
  • Whacky Christmas ornaments: You could make some really wicked whacky ornaments on your own or shop for some real silly tree hanging that your friend or family would remember forever.
  • Candy dispensers: This can get can you rolling on the floor and laughing! These come in different shapes and characters. You have a wide variety to suit each occasion and person.
  • Pacman silicon chip oven mittens:  Shaped liked the famous ‘Pacman’ these mittens are sure to bring smiles on Grandma’s face.
  • Sudoku loo roll: Never get bored waiting now when you have just rolls and rolls of Sudoku to take care of! This is going to be one favorite funny Christmas present for the receiver.
  • Gong alarm clock: What other best way to wake up a sleepy friend or family member on the day of Christmas?
  • Fuzz scarf: This yellow black ‘Do not cross’ scarf is going to be real hit this year with girls. Why not get your wife or girlfriend one.
  • Flying chicken slingshot: This could be the perfect funny Christmas present your young cousin or nephew can get. Hold the beak, pull the feet and let go. Hear the chicken cry cock a doodle doo three times as it flies!
  • Talking toilet paper holder: Play a funny prank on your co-workers during Christmas or fit this into your friend’s toilet. You can record messages on your own voice that you think suits them while they are in the toilet! How about “If it’s brown, let it drown. If it’s yellow, let it mellow” or “Way to go!”
  • Tight ‘Git’ Wallet: Got any ‘Scrooges’ around? Want to drop hints of their ways? Nothing would fit that git than this tight wallet. Not very easy to access and when accessed, not very easy to open either! Perfect for them, what say?

Guess you must now be very clear as to what you funny Christmas present you want to present your friends with. Go bonkers and having a pleasantly gagging Christmas!