Creative Christmas Gifts for All

To show your care towards someone you love or is very close to you, buy them something different and creative this year. For this you will need to know their interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes which will help you pick out the right Creative Christmas Presents for them.

Creative Gifts for Girlfriend/Wife

Finding something as special as your girlfriend or wife is a tough job for a man. Here’s your help on creative Christmas presents:

  • Find out your girlfriend/wife’s interest or hobbies and buy something related to that.
  • You can buy her a lovely diamond  set or birthstone set or Cubic Zirconium stone set
  • Get her a handbag with her monograms. Trendy and personalized.
  • Does she love cooking? Get her some gadgets along with an apron with her monograms
  • Why not find out what’s favorite perfume and get her one of those?
  • A coffee mug with both yours photo.
  • A nail spa set for her to take care of her nails or a body spa treatment coupon to gift a relaxing Christmas!

Creative Gifts for Boyfriend/Husband

If you are feeling totally creative, you can impress your boyfriend or send messages to your hubby of your love by making custom made creative Christmas presents.

  • Personalized T-shirts are a great start. Choose your design or design it yourself and paint it. This is sure to bring a smile on his face.
  • Is he into sports? Would he love a new baseball glove with his monograms? Or perhaps a new ball or sneakers on which you can do his monograms.
  • What’s his favorite scent or perfume? You can get his a gift that includes shower gel, body wash and stuffs along with the perfume.
  • Is his dressing corporate? How about a nice silk tie?
  • A gadget freak? Perfect choice would be the newest office gadgets which he can use professionally and for his own personal leisure.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ways

You can show creativity in wrapping of the presents too! You just cannot give a hard worked home-made gift in a store made wrapping paper. Show originality in that too. Make customized wrapping paper.

  • Make your gift wrapper based on the theme your gift is or based on the person’s interest.
  • Make a collage and use that to wrap the present.
  • You can stick letters and words cut out from newspapers and magazines on the wrapper to spell out your message.
  • If you can sew, then make cloth bags to wrap your gifts.
  • Get a plain brown sheet and wrap your gift. After that, take old copper wires and paint them in glitter colors and stick them on the wrapped gift! Make a nice theme out of the wires.

Hope all this has set your creative juices flowing. Make a real nice creative Christmas present for your loved ones and show how special they are to you.