Cute Collection of Miniature Christmas Gifts

Mini Christmas presents go a long way. They are very thoughtful gifts for someone who wants a subtle gesture. Also they make fine stocking stuffers, even in the tiniest of stockings. It is also great for collector’s items, are of low budget and very casual. Here are some mini Christmas present ideas.

Mini Christmas tree

Miniature Christmas tree will make a fine mini Christmas present for any body and it is pretty easy to make. You need a small artificial tree, few tiny ornaments (you can make these too), ribbons, glue and scissors. All you need to do is decorate this tiny tree the way you do your large tree. And that is it. Your Miniature Christmas tree is ready!

Mini Nativity Scene

Many miniature ornate Nativity scene set are available in metal. They cost less than $5 and can be a wonderful present for someone religious or miniature collector.

Mini Watch Ring

These are rings for your finger, but contain a watch. The stone studded top opens up to reveal a tiny little watch. Great for fashion oriented women and teenagers.

Craft Supplies as Mini Gift

Crafty things take up some regular stuff in making like glue, thread, needle, etc. Why not present this as a mini gift to someone really crafty.

Mini Poker Guard

This is a kind of weight to hold the playing cards down from being blown away or getting flipped while playing poker. A very thoughtful gift for a poker player. Good for co-workers and even your boss.

Mini Albums and Scrapbooks

This tiny home-made item is going to bring smiles on your friend’s face. Very easy to make and requires only some of your photos with your friend.

Key Chains

To many people key chains are collectibles. Buy a bunch of them and stuff into the stockings!

Some Miscellaneous Miniatures

  • Bookmarks
  • Nail polishes, buffing block, cuticle oil, scented oil
  • Money clip
  • Brooches and accessories
  • A movie or music DVD
  • Momiji Friendship dolls
  • Samples of wine in a tiny bottle
  • Travel size toiletries and cosmetics
  • Mini crystal ashtray
  • Mini wine glass
  • Christmas tree ornaments

Small doesn’t mean less quality. Sometime the tiniest of thing can be of great significance. Looking at the big picture is easy, but not at the tiny details. Choosing a mini gift essentially means you have observed the person carefully to boldly go in for a mini gift.

Mini Christmas presents are wonderful for friends and family and also for co-workers who are not yet close. It is the thought that counts and not the size or price. Make someone smile with your tiny little miniature Christmas presents.