Defend your Christmas Castle

The Christmas season brings out the festive spirit in everyone and the holiday season is a time when music and arts and crafts and merriment are the order of the day. The main motifs of Christmas is the fun-filled atmosphere that abounds with children and adults alike enjoying themselves with decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols, exchanging gifts, eating mouthwatering dishes and of course, playing various games.

With the popularity of online and video games, several Christmas-themed games have been created expressly for the holiday season. Among the games with Christmas as the inspiration, the Christmas castle defense game is the most prominent and popular. There are several strategy games which come under the “defend your castle” genre and the Christmas version of this style of game is pretty challenging and great fun to play too.

In the Christmas castle defense game, the main aim is to defend your castle from various enemies and also to prevent your castle from getting buried under snow. When you notice the enemies approaching your castle, you can follow the various game instructions available in the Christmas castle defense game, to throw them up in the air before they can reach your castle. In a similar manner, you have to make sure that the snow piling up does not end up burying the castle under. It’s the ultimate snowball fight. Pick up snow both to keep the castle uncovered and knock out your enemies. Santa, and Christmas, is depending on you!

In various versions of the Christmas castle defense game developed by different game developing companies, you can defend your castle against all intruders and attackers by either dropping them in the snow or throwing snowballs at them. In one such game, the objective is to protect your flag from enemy raiders and defend your castle as the snow keeps falling steadily. You can make snowballs to throw at the enemies and also use special towers from which you can defend your castle. Using the mouse, you can drag and drop people so that they cannot reach the castle.

Christmas castle defense is an addictive strategy game that is great fun to play and reminds you of the holiday spirit with its predominant Christmas theme.