Easter Celebrations

Easter– The ultimate forfeit and then resurrection

Easter, the day of commemoration when Lord Jesus was crucified. It is that sorrowful day when the Christians offer services and prayers in the name of Jesus Christ in Churches. It is regarded as one of the most significant annual relegious festivals in the Christian community. It is believed that on this day Lord Jesus rose from the dead to ascend into heaven. Christians commemorate this resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday or Easter Day which is also referred as Resurrection Sunday and Resurrection Day.

Significance of Easter

Easter is also referred to the season of the church year which is called Easter Season or Eastertide. Customarily, the Easter Season was for atleast forty days from Easter Day awaiting Ascension Day. However, now it officialy lasts for fifty days till Pentecost. The first whole week of the Easter Season is well-known as the Octave of Easter or Easter Week. Another significance of Easter is, it marks the end of Lent that is, a season of penance, prayer and fasting.

Easter Calendar

Easter is pretty interesting as it does not have any fixed date in the civil calendar. That is why it is asaid to be a moveable feast. The date of Easter according to the First Council of Nicaea was said to be the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon following the equinox. Ecclessiastically, the vernal equinox is supposed to be on March 21. Thus the date of Easter fluctuates between March 22 and April 25 every year. On the other hand, ‘Eastern Christianity’ make its calculations as per Julian and Georgian calendar. There festival of Easter differs between April 4 and May 8.

Celebrations in Easter

It’s strange but, Easter is a carnival of the conquest of life over sorrow. Dedicated to the tribute of Jesus Christ who sacrificed His life for the wrongdoings and sins of his followers and loved ones. It is great celebration for the Christian community through out the world.

Celebrations in Easter is done to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of “Our Lady”, Mother Mary. It is a festival of happiness and joy because it was in the Easter springtime when Jesus’ returned to life. Thus it becomes almost a bumper carnival for the christians. Lets take a look how Easter party is celebrated all over.

  • In the early morning, people are decked up in their unique Easter wear. They go to the church and then offer prayers and services to Lord Jesus and Mother Mary.
  • Candles are lit and houses are adorned with beautiful lilies to commemorate this special day of Easter.
  • Easter egg and Easter Bunny hunts become part of the festival’s contemporary celebration.
  • As a part of the Easter celebration feast, kids enjoy jellybeans and others have hot cross buns.

So, how are you planning to celebrate Easter this year?