Easter Lunch – Your Complete Guide

Easter is considered to be one of the most apt occasions when you think to Celebrate Spring with an Easter Lunch.  But you can’t go about this lunch unless you have organized the lunch with utmost precision. That means you simply need to plan it in a phased manner. The process to plan such a lunch should include the below mentioned steps:

Invite your guests: While different people will have different ways to invite, an ideal way to invite would be to send a small plastic bag which is filled with some shredded green tissue. You can also add few baby carrots in it with a note asking them to attend the lunch. You can even send them plastic egg which can bear them name written in it. The fun is – they will necessarily need to open the egg which will contain a piece of pastel paper. This paper shall mention the details like place, time of the lunch and easter lunch menu. If you want to bring out the creative side in you, you may as well prepare an Easter egg with the help of construction paper.

Decorate the spot: Give the table a touch of Easter. You can look forward to a complete makeover of the table by choosing tablecloths of various colors. Pink, blue and yellow are the most favored colors. Either you can select any one color or you can even give it a rainbow feel by choosing all the colors and arranging it in a manner that will show all the three colors. Wrapping the eating utensils will do the trick for you. Try to wrap it with in the shape of curling ribbon in the same colors as the tablecloths. You can also decorate the eggs with the respective names of your guest. With a marker pen or grease pen naming the eggs becomes a child’s play. Take special care to decorate the centerpiece of the table. To do so, you can use dyed eggs, jelly beans and some plastic grass. Once you have them in your possession, place all of them on a mirror and adding votive candles in it would be a wonderful idea.

Few activities: Make the occasion filled with the fun of some activities where everyone who have gathered for the lunch can participate and have a fun of his/her lifetime. Undoubtedly youngsters will be the one lot who will be too excited for the event. For small kids, you may hide the eggs in different locations and ask them to trace within a limited time period. If there are kids of different age groups, you may have separate egg hunt for each group. You can also make it more interesting by replacing the real eggs with plastic eggs which will have candy inside it. When the hunt is over, give a coloring book to each kid.