Easter Plant – Have One And Go Green

With the onslaught of Easter, your heart starts to pump with greater speed out of sheer joy. After all it is considered to be the biggest floral festival of the year. You very well know it has been the customary rule to do the trimming and decoration of all our churches with numerous flowers and plants. Over the years, plants have taken the role of the card. Gone are the days when one would gift a card. Instead now people like to give a box filled with flowers or may be a easter lily plant.

Normally getting flowers from a florist would mean devoting plenty of the time from your part. But with a hectic life and work schedule, everyone can not afford to go to a florist. How about giving easter egg plants to your loved ones? You can simply give a flowering plant. Don’t forget, easter greeting is still recognized as the best way to wish your heart out.

Well, there is no mandatory rule regarding the timing of the gift. For instance, you may deliver an easter cactus plant in the easter morning of Friday and Saturday. And this is what almost 90% of the people do. Remember, buying a bunch of flowering plant just a week ago would not be considered a prudent action.

Regarding price, do you recount the last time you had to buy the lilies with a skyrocketing price tag of one hundred dollar a piece? If you aren’t aware of the reason, you will be glad to know the reason. The rule of the game is simple. When the flower is found in an ‘open’ state, their rates are always going to be more. On the contrary, if you find the same flower in a ‘close’ state, obviously the price would be less.

If you are planning to plant one, you should know the correct time to buy the crops. It is believed the right time is when the market is ready to for the crops. In order to identify the timing, you can look forward to the time when the production of the plant and flowers are being undertaken by the people in the market. Going by experience, Easter is thought to be the perfect time for this. Whatever is your knowledge and experience, the million dollar question still remains the same. And here is the question –should you prefer to buy the plants a little early in the season or should you defer it by another couple of days? The best thing would be to have them at a time when they appear to be in the best form. To do so, you need to buy the plant on an easter Sunday.