Elegant Mini Christmas Candles

The Christmas decoration is never complete without the Christmas candles and not only in churches even your house must also be sparkled up with these candles. If you have a fascination about the candles and very demanded about this then choose elegant mini candles for your home. These are available in plenty in the markets.

If the local market is unable to provide the items you desire for then, go online and get thousand of varieties in candle holders. There are several e-commerce sites providing elegant mini candles online. You have to select your items and place an order there. The payment will also be done through the internet y the credit cards. Most of the online companies offer free packing and shipping. So there is no wrong to go for it.

Generally ceramic and porcelain candle holders are designed to be very elegant and thus very popular among the people world wide. Some popular categories in elegant mini Christmas candles include

  • Porcelain or ceramic houses covered with snow
  • Churches of different types
  • Holy Father
  • Mother Merry
  • Baby Jesus
  • Angels of various designs and patterns
  • Snowman
  • Pine trees

Apart from that various animal and fruit shaped mini candles are also very elegant to look. They are classy however available in reasonable prices. Thus, now you must get some ideas about the popular categories of elegant mini Christmas candles. However, you can do it a slight different way by making elegant mini candles by yourself. It is not at all a difficult task and everybody can do this. Just have a look on its main ingredients and method.

Elegant Mini Christmas Candles making at home –


For a candle you need a glass jar of any shape, tea candles or votive candles, cinnamon candles, marker pen set, ribbons and sparkling papers


  • Wash the jar cleanly and dry it. Throw out the lid as you don’t need it.
  • Now place the tea candle in the bottom of the jar. Make two layers by putting cinnamon candles around the tea candles. It will make an awesome lighting. Moreover it gives you a very mild and sweet smell.
  • Now decorate the outside of the jar with marker pens. Remember it must reflect the essence of Christmas and thus draw any image significantly connected with the occasion, like Christmas bell, Santa Clause, or the cross. After painting this, decorate the whole jar with sparking ribbons and papers. Now the elegant mini candle is ready.
  • Light up your candles and wait for the party invitees.

You can make many elegant mini candles and gift your friends as the party favors. They must appreciate it and your taste and creativity will be admired.