Ensure Fresh Blossoms Year Round With Christmas Flower Bulbs

Every one loves the first hint that announces the advent of spring. This is when after a long winter season, the flowering bulbs start to bloom with lot of colour. However, there are some Christmas flower bulbs which can be forced to bloom before spring.

For Christmas flower bulbs to bloom early, you will have to get them indoors. Thus bringing the flowery beauty and colour right into your house. You can enjoy the Christmas flower bulbs bloom much before the spring season by planting the flowers indoors rather than keeping the flower bulbs outdoor in the fall.

It is rather an easy task to get Christmas flower bulbs to bloom indoors. This is how,


These are among the more popular flower bulbs that can be forced indoors. These flower bulbs are found in white most often but they are also found in other different colours like pink, yellow and cream. What you need to do is plant the flowers in a container or a shallow dish. Within a few weeks you will have fragrant flowers blooming inside your house. The paperwhite Christmas flowers bulbs do not need a long period of cooling off for it to flower. It in fact blooms faster in a warm and sunny window rather than a very cool table top.


The tulip Christmas flower bulbs take a longer time to bloom. It also needs a comparatively cooler climate for it to bloom and display its best show. Thus, you will find many gardeners who cool the tulip bulbs in the refrigerator to ensure that it blooms successfully. There are certain variety of tulip bulbs which when forced into blooming give better results. These include, tulip that is double flowered, called ‘Abba’, a tulip in blood red called ‘merry Christmas’, an heirloom tulip know by the name of ‘Diana’ and ‘Apricot beauty’. The tulips are among the most fragrant flowers. Also when you keep them indoors, it is protected from the gophers and squirrels which like to eat them.


The amaryllis is among the most popular Christmas flower bulbs. This is because it can be forced to flower indoors very easily. It also tends to grow very fast without any need of cooling off. These flowers make for a welcome sight for the gardeners during winters as it blooms on large sturdy stems. These flower bulbs take about 6 to 8 weeks and only need some light and water to bloom. These are found in many different colours and also in combination of two colours like. You can find amaryllis in yellow, apricot, pink, white, red and multi coloured.


The crocus Christmas flower bulbs are small in size. These make for good quality forced bulbs and are excellent accent pieces. It can be used as a delicate centrepiece by forced to bloom in a tiny vase of water. You can place it on your dining table during Christmas. For more amazing display you plant these crocus bulbs in a full container.

The Christmas flower bulbs are usually grown in order to ensure that during the Christmas times you have fresh flowers in your home. These flower bulbs used for Christmas are underground buds. These buds when planted in soil develop roots. Apart from tulips and crocuses, daffodils, lilies and snowdrops are other popular Christmas flower bulbs.

The Christmas flower bulbs are uniquely beautiful and fragrant, thus making it a welcome decorative item for your home during Christmas. You can use it as a coffee table decorative item. It can also be kept on your window. The Christmas flower bulbs are also popularly used as Christmas gifts.