Favorite Christmas Poems

Celebrate the occasion of Christmas with list of beautifully written poems. Pen down your thoughts and share your innermost feelings in the form of Christmas Poems that your dear ones are waiting for. So, do not sit back just surprise your friends with the fantastic collection of your own emotions, ideas and thoughts.

How it feels when you gift your dear ones with beautiful poems instead of gifting some material presents? How it feels in this modern era of jazz, rap and rock and roll, if somebody writes for you a beautiful poem? Isn’t it special and exciting? Making your day or you making your loved ones day special with some fantastic poems is a great feeling overall.

Whether you celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus or the joys of your family and friends on the Christmas season, it is for sure that Christmas poems add elegance and style to your celebration. Not to worry at all, because there is always a perfect Christmas poem penned down for the occasion. Whether it is a Christmas morning party with your grandparents or a Christmas Eve banquet party with your friends, poems are a must that adds feather to the crown. There are a different ways to share your thoughts and feelings through poems. You can either post-script on Christmas letters and cards or read aloud in the party for all to hear or can hung and frame beside the fireplace as to adorn the room. Poems of Christmas can be categorically ranged from fun, romantic to strictly religious ones. Below are some of the amazing Christmas Poems for you to enjoy.

Poems of your choice

Let us read these few lines from “Ceremonies for Christmas” by Robert Herrick, where he calls everyone for Christmas celebrations to begin. Here comes the first stanza of the Christmas Poem:

“Come, bring with a noise,

My merry, merry boys,

The Christmas log to the firing,

While my good dame, she

Bids ye all be free,

And drink to your heart’s desiring.”

Here comes another beautiful poem by Henry Vaughan, “The True Christmas”. The theme of this poem is the birth of Christ where lies a very respectful and formal approach to the Christmas holiday.

“So stick up ivy and the bays,

And then restore the heathen ways.

Green will remind you of the spring,

Though this great day denies the things

The brightness of this day we owe

Not unto music, masque, nor show:

Nor gallant furniture, nor plate;

But to the manager’s mean estate.”

How to write poems?

After all these description, I am sure you are thinking to pen down your thoughts and imaginations. To start with, you can go for short Christmas poems which will be quite interesting. This may help you to scribble your thoughts first on an easier way into a format. When you are thinking about Christmas, you just list your favorite and appropriate phrases and words on a paper, and then give some time to fit them into verse. So watch out before your thoughts about writing Christmas poems run away!