French Christmas Carols

Christmas is celebrated with high spirits and a great zeal in France. Even though France is home to lots of different religions of the world, it is for the most part Roman Catholic (about 85%).  So, it would be wrong of anyone to think that Christmas time will not be well spent in this country. Everything related to the Christmas flavor can be found in France.

Though some ways of celebrations may be different here, the spirit is the same. The children, here also, leave their shoes, instead of stockings by the fireside on Christmas Eve. This is so as Pere Noel or Santa Claus would fill these with gifts. Puppetry is very popular and plays are performed in cathedral squares (as most of the populace is catholic). All French homes are decorated during this season with miniature clay figures known as ‘santons’ or ‘little saints’. The most popular, however, are the French Christmas Carols that are sung at every square and church by the choirs and kids alike.

Some of the most popular French Christmas carols are Vive le vent, Douce nuit, Le divin enfant, Noël blanc, Falalalala and Maman embrasse le Père-Noël. Out of these Vive le vent rules the roost. Every kid as well as every grown up is familiar with its tune and lyrics. It is the French adaptation of Jingle Bells. It has the same tune as that of the original Christmas carol. But the translation of the lyrics of this French Christmas carol is a bit dissimilar to the English carol Jingle Bells.

Anyone who has an elementary knowledge of French or specifically those who are learning the French language are advised to listen to these French Christmas carols as they are a great way to pioneer vocabulary and sharpen articulation.

Douce Nuit, Sainte Nuit is another carol that is sung to the melody of Silent Night. This song alone has numerous versions in French. It is a more relaxing and calm carol than most others and conveys the spirit of serenity necessary to spread the message of kindness.

Apart from these carols, the Christmas tree never really gained popularity in France. However, the Buche de Nol which is a customary log-shaped cake is an essentiality. The Christmas feast is quite splendid and is served as a late supper after midnight mass.

Whoever said France is not the place to be during the festive season is out of his mind. The grand feasts, decorations and the French Christmas Carols make it worth a visit.