Meaning of Flower is What You Interpret

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things in flower. People use flower for various purposes, one of them is to gift someone. Flowers are related to gestures, emotions and occasions. They are also related to an individual birth month. They are also sometimes compared with the person, his nature and character. There is no set meaning of flowers but they are all given by people as they were interpreted by them and that’s what has been picked up by generations.

The list of flowers and their meaning interpreted as per their look, feel, growth and surroundings matching with the feelings and occasions is:

  • Alstroemeria: This flower marks luck, happiness and wealth. Some also relate it to friendship.
  • Amaryllis: This flower is considered as the most beautiful flower. Matching its beauty it symbolises the unimaginable beauty.
  • Anemone: This flower represents two feelings. For the good side it represents. expectation and at the poor end it represents loosing hope.
  • Anthurium: This flower represents generosity and happiness. One occasion when you must gift this is when you are invited at someone’s place. You can show your hospitality with a bunch of anthuriums.
  • Aster: This flower marks tolerance. If you are stuck in some project with clients or you feel that someone feels stuck up in a relation with you can send asters to the person to thank them for their tolerance.
  • Bouvardia: This flower indicates zeal or passion. You can appreciate someone gesture of passion towards work by giving them Bouvardia.
  • Carnation: The carnation comes in different colours and every colour symbolizes different gestures. Mainly the carnations are meant for pride and beauty.
  • Chrysanthemum: Again the chrysanthemum comes in different colour. It mainly represents loyalty. This flower is best to gift your spouse at marriage anniversary time.
  • Daffodil: It represents courtesy and thankfulness. You can give these flowers to someone who really deserves gratitude from you. Do not ever gift a single daffodil as it represent ill luck.
  • Daisy: It represents truth and dignity.
  • Hyacinth: This flower marks loyalty and sincerity. You can give this flower to someone who has always been loyal to you.
  • Lilac: It represents young purity. You can give these flowers to some youngster celebrating their 16th birthday or graduation day.
  • Lilly: It represents purity and good value. You can again send these to a girl celebrating her 16th birthday.
  • Orchid: It represents delicate beauty.
  • Rose: The most common and popular flower to represent Love.
  • Sunflower: It represents purity, respect and commitment.
  • Tulip: It symbolizes dedication towards love.

You can give your meaning of flower depending on your view point and interpretation for the flower and the gesture. The ultimate objective is that the receiver of the flower should understand your feeling and gesture by looking at the flower.