Mini Pumpkin candles

Mini Pumpkin candles – unique fall décor

Have you got tired with your old decors and want to give a new look to your house? If yes then here you can have an idea of making mini pumpkin candles. Pumpkins, yes you can easily decorate your outdoor as well as indoor space with pumpkins and we know they are flexible and inexpensive. These candles can be placed on the footsteps of the stairs or be hanged on the railing of the doorway. Collecting different sizes of gourds and pumpkins you can make a combination of various different sizes of pumpkins or gourds and place them on the hay bale to give it a decent look. You can also put different things in different heights to create an interesting impression.

Thus now you must be wondering how to make these candles. It is a very easy affair and even your school going kid can easily make this. So here is the method of making a mini pumpkin candle.

The items you need:

  • Small pumpkins. Instead of pumpkins you can also take guard.
  • A sharp knife.
  • A scissor
  • Tin foil
  • A spoon
  • Candles


  • Cut the tops off the pumpkins circularly. You don’t need to cut a big circle; always try to cut a small circle.
  • Take a spoon and scoop out all the stuffs inside the pumpkin. . Generally mini pumpkins have got thicker skin and strings than a normal pumpkin. Make sure you have scooped out all the stuffs from the inside so that you can place the pumpkins rightly.
  • Now place votive or tea candles into the hole. Make sure that the candles have placed tightly. Now place some other scented candles around the votive candles. Put them tightly.
  • Now this way you can make so many mini pumpkin candles. Moreover decorate the outside of the candles with your marker pen set to give them an interesting look. Also decorate them with lighting papers and ribbons and make some funny stuff. Overall they must look gorgeous.
  • Now place these candles in each corner of your house. However, before that don’t forget to put tin foil beneath every candle while placing in the places. It prevents your spots especially your wooden floor or furniture from ruining due to the wax. These candles last for a long time.

Thus now your pumpkins are ready. You can decorate your house with these or can gift your friends and near ones. Apart from the above making method you can have other processes in the internet. There you can have thousands of ideas and their images. Moreover, you also can have decoration ideas as well. So give wings to your creativity and make wonderful mini candles. Everybody will like this and must appreciate your taste and creativity.