No Better Place for Christmas than the Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, located along the River Avon in Warwickshire, England, was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. The Castle has been the Country house of the Earls of Warwick since the 17th century.

The castle underwent renovation and was opened to public as a sightseeing spot. The castle is most famous for the Warwick Castle Christmas parties.

Victorian Christmas at Warwick Castle

The Warwick castle’s staffs arrange a huge banquet during Christmas. The Great Hall is magnificently decorated and a huge Christmas tree is installed which again is heavily ornamented. The guests are escorted to the Great hall by costumed guides where they are served with a fine three course dinner. The head chefs introduce themselves and describe the menu to the guests. Music and DJs make your body sway. Entry fee per adult is from £75.

Options of both shared and private parties are available. Bookings can be done online. Fare per adult for a private party is from £95.

The fun comes with the enactment of the history of the castle. The sight of real men fighting ‘phony battle’ is worth a watch. The booze, the ambience, the feeling of being in a castle – This is something which no other place can ever give you so that you get to enjoy the best Christmas of your life. The very Victorian Christmas usually goes on until the first week of January.

Entertainment at Warwick Castle

There are events conducted for the visitors throughout the year. Each month the following entertainments are available for the tourists:

  • Kingmaker’s Mediaeval Banquet: A themed five course dinner with a rustic country twist with unlimited booze! Price: £95
  • Jousting at Warwick Castle: The battle to win the hand of the fairest maiden. Live fight!
  • Jousting at Sunset: An awe inspiring display of medieval war tactics at sunsets during summer
  • Dungeons after Dark: A scary tour through the dungeons of the castle with live ghosts and horrors!
  • Warwick Words Festival: A nice interactive literary workshop
  • Highwayman’s Supper: Enjoy the meal and feel like a king. But, keep your eyes open for the Highwayman, a terror legend.

Skating at Warwick

Prior to 2008, the 250m ice rink was open to public for ice skating during Warwick castle’s Christmas celebration.£5/30mins was charged. But due to recent changes in the events, the skating rink is no longer open to public. But, the county itself is famous for figure skaters.

The castle has a 60 acre ground area which needs to be enjoyed by walking through the gardens and climbing high steps to get the breath taking views.

Bookings are open and you can go ahead and plan a trip to the Warwick castle’s Christmas party and give your family the royal treatment!