Origin of Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is one of the most important part of the Christmas celebration. You can’t imagine a Christmas without decorating a Christmas tree. The freshness and aroma which comes with the Christmas tree is an integral part of the Christmas celebration. Most people say that Christmas tree originated in Germany in the 16th century. Though there are many other stories about the origin of the Christmas tree.

According to legends it is said that on the night of the birth of Jesus Christ all living creatures come to greet him with gifts. The olive tree came with its fruit and Palm tree with dates but the Fir had nothing to gift. So one angel taking pity on the Fir tree commanded some stars to sign on the tree. Baby Jesus smiled on seeing the shining tree and thus the Christmas tree came into origin.

Another story relating back to Germany states that Saint Boniface encountered some pagans sacrificing a child at the base of the Oak tree. He cut down the tree to save the child and a Fir tree grew up at the base of the Oak tree. He then said that this lovely evergreen tree is a holy tree with its branches pointing towards heaven.

In one more story it is said that Germans placed evergreen trees inside there homes or just outside their doors to show their hopes that spring would come soon. Research shows that the evergreen trees are brought into homes at the time of winter. It represents the continuation of life through the cold and darkness of winter.

The primary decoration for Christmas tree is light which states the fact of celebration of lights in the darkness of winters. It is also said that Martin Luther once decorated the tree with candles to make his children know about the stars shining in the dark night of winter. Since then the Christmas tree is decorated with different Christmas lights and ornaments.