Proper Care of Christmas cactus, Christmas cactus bloom, Christmas cactus flowers

The Christmas cactus is originally from Brazil. It is one of the popular houseplant. This plant blooms in winter when kept inside. But the same plant can also bloom anytime if it is kept outside. In case you take proper care of the Christmas cactus it would ensure colourful blooms at the Christmas time. New hybrids of the Christmas cactus have expanded the color choice. Various colourful Christmas cactus such as orange, white, purple, and pink can be seen. The best time to buy these is Christmas season when they are available in varied colors.

How to make Christmas cactus bloom

The Christmas cactus is popular plant. But require care in order to get best results. Once you are aware of the correct needs of the plant these will bloom for the holidays.

  • This plant requires at least 13 hrs of darkness to start blooming. Hence you should keep a check on the plant whether it is getting enough darkness or not. In the mid September when days get shorter, keep these plants inside.
  • The area where you intend to keep this plant should be cool. The basement is good option. These plants will bloom well when these are kept for prolonged period in cooler temperature.
  • Do not overwater these plants. These plants should be watered rarely in late August. Once they have flower buds, start watering them regularly.
  • In order to make your Christmas cactus healthier, repot the plant if the roots need more space to spread.
  • Once these plants start giving flowers give them plenty of indirect light. Between watering the plants let the same dry. When the Christmas cactus starts flowering, it has different kind of expectations. The flower buds can drop in case you are not able to keep up these expectations.
  • During the rest of the year you can keep the plant anywhere. You may keep it outside in shade, but ensure that the plant does not get sun burn.

The Christmas cactus flowers are very colourful. Very often these are used for decorations at the Christmas time. As the leaves of this plant are flat, large, and flowers also hang at the end, it is good to place them in the hanging basket. When they start blooming, it continues till March if taken care of. The peak time for it to bloom is January.

The Christmas cactus is often given as Christmas gifts. It has life for years if you take proper care of the same. You should not let the plant dry. When, the soil is dry water the plant. But do not over water the plant. If required add fertilizer solution twice a month. These plants should not be kept in the direct sunlight.