Rovaniemi – Santa Claus’s Home Town

The Christmas Father, more commonly known by the name Santa Claus is believed to be visiting each and every house in the world distributing gifts to bring joy to the minds during the Christmas season. Obviously, the concept of the Christmas Father has such a very interesting legend behind. But, how would it be felt, if you prefer to visit the office of Santa Claus at Lapland during the Christmas instead of waiting in your own houses expecting his visit?

However, according to the belief Santa Claus’s office is located at Lapland, a rustic place on the Arctic Circle far away in the Northern part of Finland. Lapland of Santa Claus is such a beautiful place on earth that is to be visited at least once during a life time. Many travel and tourism companies in Finland currently offer travel and sightseeing packages for the tourists around the world to visit Santa Claus at Lapland especially during the Christmas Season.

In Lapland, an amusement park is functioning near Rovaniemi by the name Santa Claus Village in Finland. There is an office of Santa Claus at this place and which is where you would meet the Christmas father during your stay at this beautiful and legendary place. This theme park is located about 8 km northeast of Rovaniemi and about 2 km from the Rovaniemi Airport.

At his office, you also will come to visit Santa’s workshop at Lapland.  It is the place where Santa toils the whole year to make toys and gifts on wood to give away to the children during the Christmas. At the Santa office, you could meet him and chat with him during the office hours when Santa is available. Taking photographs of Santa Claus also is permitted. Apart from Santa’s office and adjoining workshop, there are some more places and attractions to be visited and seen during your marvellous visit to this destination.

The Arctic Circle passes through the Lapland. The circle is painted with thick cream coloured paint in the village. Another attraction is the Santa Claus Post Office, where you would be able to purchase and send curious and colourful greeting cards. is the official website Santa Claus Lapland from which you could collect details regarding everything including other attractions of the Lapland region.

According to Lapland tradition, Rovaniemi is declared hometown of Santa Claus. The tradition further says that, it was the Elves who built a wonderful village and office for Santa Claus at Lapland where he can meet and chat with people coming from different corners across the whole country.

Apart from spreading the message of love and the spirit of Christmas throughout the whole earth, Santa Claus at Lapland has also some other missions like enhancing the wellbeing of children and the kindness of grown-ups.