Santa Claus’s Legendary Journey

The legendary Santa Claus journey is a well-known tradition. Every year during the Christmas season the celebrated journey of Santa begins from the Lapland in North Pole. The children will be waiting at their homes by being virtuous in talks and manners so that Santa will not get disappointed seeing bad children. It is a belief that good children get nice toys as gifts whereas bad children get potato (in some places of the world) from the Santa as Christmas gifts.

Starting from the snow clad terrains of the North Pole, the Santa Claus Journey is proceeded through other places in the world touching every house in every country and in every continent. According to the belief, there will be no houses remaining without being visited by the Santa in the world. Santa Claus’s journey to all over the world has been perceived metaphorically by the elder people.

Santa Claus’s vehicle is the sleigh driven by eight reindeers. Sleigh is actually a vehicle used in the poles of the earth where snowfall is in its higher levels. But, Santa’s sleigh could be driven in all parts of the world despite of the type of the terrain. Santa Claus journey is being conducted through all kinds of terrains wherever the houses are located – it could be in desserts, it could be in grassy lands, it could be in mountainous, hilly and forest regions, or it could be in rocky terrains.

So, Santa Claus reaches to our hearts in this way, in a live tradition. But what about our journey to Santa Claus? Are we away from his wishes? It is true that Santa Claus lives in the hearts of the good people, in the hearts of the children. For elders, Santa Claus is a beautiful tale to memorise them about some of the beautiful times that they had spend during their childhood days. Those memories will be very much nostalgic in nature.

It is a subject of a good fantasy if Santa is visiting us really during this Christmas. When he comes to our houses clad in deep red coloured coat and white coloured patches with his long white beard and cheerful hearty laugh, will our hearts also be prepared with Christmas trees built on the support of innocence. The tradition of Santa Claus demands only one thing from us – be innocent. It is actually an opportunity for elder people to go back to their sweet old childhood days by believing along with the children that Santa is really visiting us this Christmas.

So, the Santa Claus journey for this year is about to be started within a couples of days. He is busy with preparing toys for the children and replying to all greetings that he received these days. Let’s us also be prepared to receive him at our home.