Soil For Christmas Cactus, Christmas Cactus

When you hurriedly brought the Christmas Cactus to your home, you never gave a thought to what could be the best soil for cactus. After all you were too engrossed with the idea of merry making.

So what if you are a complete naïve when it comes to the judging the soil ? If you are looking for some real vital information for cactus soil, your search should end here. Keep reading the most essential points you should bear in mind while choosing the appropriate soil for your Christmas cactus.

You will be surprised to know growing a cactus isn’t a laborious job at all. In fact it is believed that growing the plant is comparatively easy to what it takes to see them gloom. The points mentioned below shall come handy  if you really wanted to know how to grow Christmas cactus?

  • Take appropriate steps which will make it conducive for the plant to receive bare minimum required light for its growth. Keep this degree of light to medium.
  • While taking the soil you should also make sure the organic manure is high in content. You can easily avail it from garden loam, leaf mold, cow manure or wood ashes.
  • One of the spectacular features of this type of cactus lies in their ability to retain good quantity of water. This shall bring few smiles on your face because you can even keep them a little dry. But yes, if you don’t want to see them getting completely dry, you have to take some extra effort. Do water them religiously at regular interval. It will a be a very good step if you can add some fertilizer to it which is normally used for houseplants. Weakening it a little bit before applying the fertilizer should do the trick for you. You want to keep the cactus indoors and therefore you are looking for Christmas cactus potting soil. Having the right soil isn’t sufficient. You also have to make sure the cactus receives sufficient number of very long cool nights. Remember, correct degree of temperatures matters the most for them to bloom. Research shows they need mostly 55 degrees of temperature in a typical night and approximately 65 degrees during the day.
  • When you realize the atmosphere in and around the cactus is too dry, take a tray which contains sufficient quantity of pebbles and place the pot in it. Make these pebbles filled with moist by regularly watering the pebbles. Do not water you cactus during the month of October. You can begin watering them leisurely in November. If don’t want the stems to get flabby, a piece of advice for you. Refrain from watering them excessively.