Some Novel Christmas Tree Craft Substitutes

Most of us are confused about which Christmas tree craft to buy. This happens every year during the Christmas holiday break. In this expensive age, buying fancy decorations for your tree can be tough for some. So choosing organic tree crafts is a great option as these can be easily created as well. The options here might not seem plenty but one can always innovate and create something crafty.

Here are mentioned some creative choices of the Christmas tree decoration that one could utilize.

These                                                                             include:                                                       Egg-Shell Bulbs
Take an egg and pierce it at the bottom with a needle. Poke a bigger hole at the top in similar fashion. Hollow the egg by taking out its contents through the big hole; you can blow in the small

hole                               to                                               facilitate                                                                this.

Once this is done, you need to cut holes in the egg shells and place a scene inside. This scene can further be decorated by decorating with certain ribbons. The scenes can be cut from previous year’s Christmas cards and other related gifts.

Arrange these scenes inside the hollow and carefully crafted egg and glue them into place. Some colorful background can also be fixed by cutting a rectangular piece of glazed paper to add to its beauty. This is an aesthetic Christmas tree craft which takes a lot of your time and can thus be made along with the family members, allowing you to spend quality time with them.

Orange Cloves

The trick here is to use those oranges that do not a thick skin (like navel oranges). Pierce the orange peel and, then take some whole cloves. These need to be clustered as tightly as possible. A decorative ribbon is used to enclose these oranges and tie them in a loop. This arrangement can be hung on the branches of the Christmas tree.

Popcorn Balls

A 4 inch Styrofoam ball is taken and some popped popcorn is glued to it. If there are any open areas left then fill those with the broken popcorn pieces. The popcorn is to be tightly held to the ball so that it does not fall off once you remove your hand. You can add certain other things by putting some glue on the ball. These may include pine cones, berries, or colorful bits of ribbon and ornaments and then hang this Christmas tree craft on the branches.

All these ornaments are truly inexpensive and fun to make.