Story of Santa Claus

Come Christmas and the buzz about Santa Claus’s existence is all that one hears. Some people say that it is just a myth, a fairy tale. While the rest believe that Santa Claus did in fact exist at one time. There is no palpable way of being sure either way.

If history is truthful, then the latter are right. Many facts we are familiar with about Santa are apparently centered on truths like his eight reindeer sleigh and elves. The real story of Santa Claus is unheard of. Below are listed some ‘real’ facts about Santa and how some of the folklore relating to him commenced and spread.

St. Nicholas of Myra is thought to be the original Santa Claus. He was an affluent bishop born in 280 A.D. in an olden town called Lycia that is now located in Turkey. Besides being rich, he was also big-hearted. He would take a trip through the country helping others, particularly children, by offering them monetary gifts and presents alike.

However, he was very reticent about this gesture of his. So he would embark upon his jaunts in the cover of the night when he was less likely to be spotted. That is why even today parents send their children to bed in the early hours telling them that St. Nicholas won’t come if they won’t sleep.

The story of Santa Claus proceeds this way: There was this poor man whose spouse had died and he was left to look after his three daughters. He was penurious and had no money to offer as dowry. One night the daughters had cleansed their stockings and hung them to dry by the fireplace. The next morning, each of them noticed a bag of gold in them. St. Nicholas had left sufficient money for each to get married. This incident has become a tradition during the Christmas season when all children as well as adults hang stockings near their fireplace.

Over the decades, the name and semblance of St. Nicholas has been altered many times. People call him by various names in different countries. For instance, they call him Klass in The Netherlands, Father Christmas in Britain and most popularly Santa Claus in the States.

The story of Santa Claus doesn’t mention anything about the outfits and this can be seen in the various attires people depict him in different cultures.

While we all like to fathom that a person like Santa still subsists today, it is highly unlikely. Whatever the stories about Santa Claus are what we should not forget is the spirit of kindness, selflessness and generosity that He stood for.