The Center Of All Attention

Flowers are an important part of Christmas Day. Along with the decorations the thing that adds the perfect touch to a room is the Christmas Flowers Centerpieces. These occupy the center of the room and are usually kept on tables. Though the traditional centerpieces on Christmas are usually made up of different kinds of flowers, other things are added as well. These include:

  • Candles
  • Fruit
  • Candy sticks
  • ribbons

The list can go on and on. It all depends on how much of your imagination you are willing to use. There can be many ways of experimenting with the flowers and the accessories to create a great Christmas centerpiece.

How to make a poinsettia centerpiece:

Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas flower and are used in most Christmas flower arrangements as well as Christmas centerpieces. For this poinsettia piece you will need some fresh poinsettia flowers along with some fresh green leaves. This can be assembled in a soup tureen. The blossoms can be artificial as well. The poinsettias if real should be low growing. You should also have some styrofoam, and the greenery.

Place the blossoms in the soup tureen or whatever bowl you are using. Then to keep the flower stems in place, put a small piece of styrofoam at the bottom of the vessel. At the base of the christmas centerpiece flowers, put some green leaves to give it a lush look. At the table where you are placing the piece, keep it in the middle and surround it with many other plants.

Tips for a perfect Christmas centerpiece:

The difficulty lies in not only making a Christmas centerpiece that looks really beautiful. One should also get one which can last for quite sometime. Thus to keep it long lasting, you need to take care of it using some special tips for a perfect artificial flower arrangement:

  • Put the floral foam at the base of the container.
  • Cut the stems of the plants and put them into the bottom of the foam
  • The flowers should be arranged neatly around the whole container.
  • For a slightly dramatic effect, you could add some candles of the colours of Christmas like red, green, white or even gold.

On the other hand, if you are contemplating having Christmas Flowers Centerpieces which are made of real flowers then those require their share of care too:

  • The flowers should be low and fresh and bought in 3′ to 4′ containers.
  • Do not use one big plant. It is better to have a few large plants instead.
  • If the soil peeks out at the edge of the pot then you should use some foil or even moss to hide it.
  • If the vessel is pretty big then plant some other plants like ivy or something which does not take up too much of space
  • the plants should be ideally of the same colour so that the uniformity of the colour is maintained.

However, if you want a crazy and arty look, the n go in for plants of different shades but remember to coordinate well. Have a beautiful christmas centerpiece flowers.