The Legend of Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra

For many, Santa Claus is a concept. He is a legendary character believed to be visiting every house in the Christmas Eve to give away gifts to good children. He will be visiting us also on the Christmas time driving on the sleigh drawn by eight reindeers. This is the story of the Santa Claus.

But, how many of you know that Santa Claus is a real person? To find the original Santa Claus, you have to go back to the 270 AD browsing through the history. You would find there a Christian priest, Saint Nicholas. If you want to learn about the original, Saint Nicholas as the Santa Claus will give you the prototype of the present day Christmas Father.

The story of St Nicholas is more than a Christmas legend of the children. He was bishop of a city called Myra, set at the Mediterranean coast. Born in a very rich family, young Nicholas was very much kind-hearted towards the poor. Once having heard about a destitute family troubled due to poverty, the Bishop decided to help them. To help the family, he had once thrown a sack of gold coins to the house through the window in the cover of night so that no one would find him.

The Christmas legend of Santa Claus giving away gifts to children had the origin from this incident of Saint Nicholas, who is the original Santa Claus. On close scrutiny, we could even find that Santa Claus is an abbreviated form Saint Nicholas. But in later legends, Santa Claus enrobed with a different appearance and a different environment. The legends described him as a cheerful old man wearing red dresses with long feather-white beard and moustache driving all the homes during the Christmas Eve on his legendary reindeer-drawn sleigh.

How to find the original Santa? The Santa Claus lives in your hearts, in the hearts of the children, and in the hearts of the adults who once were children. There are a lot of Christian literature providing you the history and information regarding the tale of the original Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, who led the church through one of the difficult times in the history of Christianity, will be very much inspiring as far as a Christian and above all a human being is concerned.

For the kids, original Santa is a funny, lovable and cheerful character who visits them during the December frost. Let the children believe so, let them wait for the Santa to visit them during the Christmas inserting wonderful Christmas gifts within the socks and shoes that they put on the windowsill. So, in that way, let us help them to grow in virtue, till one day they find who the original Santa Claus is.