The Most Exotic Halloween Punch Recipes

Associated with costume parties, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and attractions that are haunted in nature; the month of October is known for Halloween fun and frenzy.

If it is the month of October, then the one thing that we all are certainly looking forward to is a spooky and scary Halloween party. What is it that comes first to your mind when you think of any party?
Yes, the answer is party decorations, costumes, games, food and loads of fun.

With a little bit of planning and effort you may have the most memorable party ever!
Plan out your party theme, as in the Halloween characters you wish to bring to life and decide on the decorations and invitations accordingly.

Next decide on the party menu. You may very safely add to your list of brews and cocktails Halloween Rum Punch and Halloween Vampire punch. If you have no clue as to how to prepare these dastardly devilish punches, then read the following directions.

Here you would find a tried and tested Halloween vampire punch recipe. You would also come across all popular Halloween recipes, including the Halloween rum punch and Halloween recipes for vampire punch.

Halloween Rum Punch

Add 1 Oz of Vodka with 1 oz of Rum and 1 oz of Liqueur of any flavour (preferably melon). Shake the mixture properly and pour on the rocks (ice). Now pour in lemonade and cherry. Serve chilled.

Halloween Vampire Punch Recipe

For the Vampire punch you need 1 oz of Cranberry juice, 1 oz of raspberry juice or liqueur, 1 oz of Vodka or Gin and orange juice.  You also need a shaker that you have filled with ice. Mix all the juices and shake in a shaker full of ice.

Your Halloween Vampire Munch is thus, ready and is sure to be a favourite with your guests.

You may also have a Pumpkin punch in your party. Pumpkins, the official symbol of Halloween are an all time favourite amongst all age groups.

Furthermore, you may use various flavours of liqueurs and juices to prepare brews of your choice. How about adding some tomato juice and salt to a portion of Vodka and dry gin?

For those preparing non-alcoholic drinks, you may combine cranberry juice, tomato juice, lemon juice, black salt and some Tabasco sauce to prepare a really different Halloween punch that even kids would relish.
Decorate your punch with jelly wiggly worms, frozen hand gloves, eye balls and other body parts to give a creepy horror effect.

The options are plenty and the list unending. Simply get going and apply your brain!