The Secret Blueprint to Santa’s Sleigh

Have you ever imagined what Santa Claus’s sleigh is made of and how the sleigh leaves a trail of stardust? It is a million dollar question. Well, let us explore!

Blueprint to Santa’s sleigh

The sleigh is driven by spirit of Christmas and his lovely reindeers. The sleigh has the wooden carriage in which Santa sits and rides the sleigh. This is also the compartment where he stores all the nice gifts.

Inside the sleigh

Well, inside the carriage, there is a back seat that contains the gift bag compartment. Then there is the dashboard where the steering reins are located to control the reindeers.

The dash board has a hot chocolate dispenser, iPod aux in socket in case he gets bored, then a GPS to help him track his location as he travels around the world delivering gifts, speedometer to show the speed of the sleigh and radio in case Santa dozes off travelling such long distances.

There is auto pilot facility, automatic seat belts, emergency brakes, chimney cleaning solution to clean the soot away before entering and a no smoking light. There is also a first aid box just in case there is a need.
In case the reindeers get hungry there is a recharge fuel refill section right on the sides on the Santa Claus’s sleigh to feed the reindeers. Right behind the carriage is the star dust dispenser which leaves the trails of star dusts as the Santa flies his way through the bright Christmas skies.

The front part of the sleigh is made up of the famous reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. There is another reindeer Rudolph which Santa uses during heavy storm because Rudolph’s nose glows red and helps in viewing. All the reindeers have lights on their antlers.

Most importantly there is a computer screen which flashes the names of the good girls and boys who will eventually receive gifts from the Santa Claus!

Santa Claus Sleigh Games

Talking of Santa Claus’s sleigh there are loads of flash games designed by the gaming industries. But the most popular one is the ‘Santa’s Sleigh’ game which is based on the Santa sliding down a snow hill dodging the bad guys and snowmen and collecting gifts and other goodies along the downhill.

There are various versions of the same game and similar ideas based on the same Santa Claus’s sleigh. Another game is the Santa’s ride game where you can control Santa’s sleigh driven by the reindeers. Another logic based game is Help Santa where you have to think of various ways to help Santa reach places in time to distribute the gifts.

Santa Claus save Christmas is another action filled platform game for PC. For the racing game buffs, ‘The sleigh race’ is just the one for you, where you race the Santa himself!

Now you know the secret to Santa’s sleigh. With that new info what out for Santa’s sleigh this Christmas.