Think creatively and design your own Christmas dress

To design Christmas dresses, one doesn’t really need to join a fashion designing institute. All you need to do is just be creative and you can notice what imagination can do for you. So, have you thought of wearing a gorgeous evening dress for Christmas? You have thought about the colour and the pattern but the image is quite vague in your mind.

You just need to create a lively image from the vague one and then give a clear outline to the visionary dress – the type of the dress ( a gown, a cocktail dress for young girls, a tuxedo suit or a trendy suit for the guys), the shape, the colour, the accessories, any particular type of craft work ( Embroidery or appliqué work). Finally when you have made an outline of the Christmas dress, you need to find a professional tailor who is  proficient in sewing. You can also get a friend of yours to sew the whole dress depending upon his/her proficiency. It is obvious that the costs will vary from a professional to an amateur.

Designing of Christmas dresses for women

  • If you are interested in a halter-neck dress, then it possible that you can make it beautiful with the help of beaded trim and some gorgeous embroidery. One can also give little detailing with the help of a lace and can give tie detail at the back. It is possible that when the acetate lining is completed, then you can feel the softness.
  • If you prefer a beaded V neck dress, then it possible to give some asymmetric hemline with the help of butterfly sleeves. It should be made with polyester Georgette and then paired with a satin slip.
  • If you want to give a sensuous feeling, then you can opt for a silky stretch knit top. This dress can have beading on the V neck. A long tie on the waist gives a slender look to the waist. This dress will surely look good if you have a slim and trim body structure. Polystyrene chiffon is the most favoured material for making this dress.
  • And if you are interested in opting for a special Santa dress, there are plenty of available options for you. A long Santa gown is quite popular with long side slit, it looks elegant. Even a short velvet dress looks quite breathtaking and can have a lace detailing.

Designing of Christmas dresses for men

  • Men can opt for silver, black, gold, burgundy. Even a vest – red colour, silk, metallic with a matching or contrasting bow tie, matching handkerchief set with or without pockets can look good. The vest can be in the form of adjustable strap and it needs to be hidden. It is found out that a black lining looks really good. Even an overall light embroidery suit can be bought.
  • Jackets or half zip sweaters in vivacious colours with different type of designs can be chosen too.

So, if you are interested in getting a gorgeous looking Christmas dress, then you can follow the above mentioned pointers and attain success.