Tips for Halloween Table Decoration

Halloween Decoration is as unique as the Halloween Festival. The pretty flowers on your table will be replaced by dirty looking skulls and skeletons. The lights will get dimmer and instead of muttering “Wow” for your lovely decoration, visitors will scream looking at the scary witches and vampires. That’s the beauty of Halloween Night. Celebrated on the last night of October, Halloween is considered to be the night of the dead and evil .It is believed that the barriers between the real world and the spirit world are the weakest on the day of Halloween. Hence, the ghosts and evil spirits roam around freely on Earth. Unlike olden times when people use hide at homes and light lanterns to keep the evil spirit away, now-a-days, Halloween Night is celebrated as a joyous festival.

The Halloween Night Theme has got only more popular with time. People not only dress as evil witches and vampires, they also transform their homes into scary looking haunted homes. Halloween Decoration is one of the most popular themes in the world. From scary wall hangings to giant wall scenes, Halloween Décor is very unique and people take a lot of interest in experimenting with it.

One of the most popular parts of Halloween Decoration is the Halloween Table Decoration. On  Halloween Night, the tables are decorated with scary skulls and skeletons.  There are many innovative ways to do Halloween Table Decoration. Today the market has a variety of items and Halloween Table Props. There are also Halloween Crockery Items that are available in the market. We give a few tips to experiment with Halloween Table Decoration.

  • Skulls and Skeleton : Placing a Skeleton in the middle of  the Table is an excellent idea. It is scary and you will totally enjoy having dinner with a skeleton for a change. You can place one big skull in the middle of the table or choose to place a number of small skulls too. The advantage with one big skull is that its body can be attached underneath the table. The skeleton’s head stays above the table while the rest of the body is below the table. This creates a very scary atmosphere especially when the skeleton’s brushes on your leg.
  • Scary Table Mats: Placing scary looking table mats is also a wonderful idea. You can also have a small game with this concept.
  • Draw or buy scary looking table mats with different characters.
  • As one by one people sit to eat, you can tell them to open the table mat and see what they will be served today. Some will open to find a witch while some will open to find a vampire. Eventually the whole table will look spectacular.
  • Placing a plate of salad carved as pumpkin lanterns and scary looking witches will also look spectacular.

Try these innovative ways to make or create a spectacular Halloween Table Decoration which fit any size of the table.